Final preparation

26 maart 2017 - Rucphen, Nederland

With less then a week left I’m entering the last phase of my preparation. Years ago I purchased a Northface travel bag, an enormous yellow monster and I always regretted not having purchased a smaller size. Now that I see what it takes to be 6 weeks “on tour” it turns out to be a great investment!

Also at home it’s sinking in that I will be gone for 6 weeks. There are many last minute requests and even Milan (our youngest) managed to pull 89 euro’s from my pocket for a gaming mouse (knowing I could not refuse :-)

As I write this TDA riders are already cycling for more than 2 months and have long crossed the equator. Every day I look for new posts on Facebook. There are quite a few posts but, typically Facebook, it is all good news with many happy events and funny pics. However, it makes me wonder if it is all sunshine out there :-)

My flight is scheduled on Friday night March 31st. It’s not a great flight but there was not much to choose from. It starts with a short flight to Vienna followed by a night flight to Addis Ababa. The final leg will be on Saturday morning to Lilongwe, Malawi with an expected arrival at 12:50.

By then the others have already arrived in Lilongwe and will be enjoying a rest day. I hope there is enough time to meet everybody, to have my bike fixed and make other preparations. Finally, it’s off to bed early because the next day the tour will start for me with a first challenge of 150 km. Pfff. The second day it will be 176 km (aauwch), the 3rd day 171 km. The 4rd day a little less with 124 km and the final day before rest in Lusaka it’s 103 km.

The best way to follow me is with this blog. There is a TDA Facebook account but this one is restricted to riders. In addition, there is a @globalcycling Twitter account but this is also for other tours organized by TDA.

15 Reacties

  1. Rick:
    26 maart 2017
    Succes Wil
  2. Edwin:
    26 maart 2017
    Go for it, Will. Mooie voorbereiding voor Spanje! We zullen je hier volgen.
  3. Kelly:
    26 maart 2017
    Kick Some ass! Succes
  4. JanD:
    26 maart 2017
    Success Will en geniet er ook van
  5. Jan van Nijnatten:
    26 maart 2017
    Succes Will.
  6. Barbara Jansen:
    26 maart 2017
    Dat wordt pijn lijden! En geschiedenis schrijven. ☘️
  7. Andy van Peer:
    26 maart 2017
    Succes Wil ,
  8. Ilona Trompert:
    26 maart 2017
    Heel veel plezier Will !
  9. Caren:
    26 maart 2017
    Succes, ben heel benieuwd naar je belevenissen. Go for it!
  10. Walter Cats:
    26 maart 2017
    Das knap, succes jonghuuu.
  11. Maartje:
    26 maart 2017
    Indrukwekkende uitdaging Will. Ontzettend veel succes, maar nig verl meer plezier!
  12. Richard:
    26 maart 2017
    Heel veel succes!
  13. Thomas P.:
    26 maart 2017
    Good Luck!!! And good legs..
    Travel safe!
  14. Fons:
    29 maart 2017
    Geweldig om te volgen Will. Een mooi avontuur
  15. Cis:
    3 april 2017
    Gaan ouwe
    Ps. laat je niet opeten