New plan

22 januari 2017

While I’m writing this post, a group of 27 riders already left Cairo. I must say, I was expecting a larger group, so I guess the route change must have taken it’s toll.

When I heard Ethiopia was taken out, I had to do a lot of rethinking. I already planned my leave and booked my flights. Also I couldn’t decide on an alternative. TDA’s proposed detour didn’t appeal to me because I already travelled Uganda, quite recently. That being said, I’m sure that my fellow riders will consider Uganda / Rwanda (and spotting the mountain gorilla’s) to be a tour highlight. Uganda is incredibly green, the elephants are enormous and the mountain gorillas are awesome to be with.

I considered the middle sections but cycling in March would conflict with some other already planned trips and activities, so that wouldn’t work out for me. Gradually I was drawn to the last stages and last week, after checking with the organisation, I booked my flight to Lilongwe, Malawi.

There are not many flights available and the 16 hours flight I booked will bring me to Lilongwe on April 1st 12:50 pm. This is a bit tight for catching up with the group, putting my bike together and prepare for leaving the next day on April 2nd. It can be done but a 16 hours, multi stop flight has a considerable risk for delay.

As of today my tour will start in 70 days. This will give me plenty of time to train and lose some weight. But I think the most important thing will be to stay fit and healthy. After spending X-mas in Thailand and doing nothing for 2 weeks, very carefully I went out for a first run. Suddenly and without notice I was struck by a muscle injury (calf), which left me resting for 2 more weeks. Yesterday and today I managed to do some cycling for 1 hour in doors. So let’s take it from here and countdown to March 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!