The Smoke That Thunders

13 april 2017 - Livingstone, Zambia

The trip from Lusaka to Livingstone went well. I guess my body is getting used now to the new rhythm. 

Livingstone / Vicfalls is a major touristic hub in the region and it's all about Victoria Falls. Also called: "The Smoke That Thunders". Being one of the 7 natural wonders it's an incredible phenomenon. It's kind of complicated: you can see the Falls from the Zambian side or cross the bridge and see it from the Zimbabwe side. I tried to convince others about the advantages of going to Zimbabwe. Not only you can get a better view of the Falls but you also can go for a high-tea at the Vic-falls hotel which I remember to be a highlight the last time I was here. Of course it involves the cost of a visa to go to Zim which is only 30$ for me and my others European friends but runs to 75$ for Canadians and 150$ for the Americans. Anyways we booked for 16 people at the Vicfalls hotel. After we had spend some time at the Falls and walked to the Vicfalls hotel I wasn't to sure anymore. Was it so incredible as I had remembered or was it just a run-down place. As we approached the hotel and I got a first glance all my doubts vanished. This is such an impressive hotel! It's on a large estate, white, in colonial style, has grandeur, big gardens, ancient trees and an astonishing view on the Vicoria falls.

The next day we had a kind of a ceremony. Every tour, TDA gives a number of bikes to the community. The mayer of Livingstone was invited and there was sing and dance. And also there was a lottery. Have you ever been hoping for not winning a price? well I did but I won a .... bunjee jump from the Vicfalls bridge! 

But it didn't take to the actual jump before I definitely established my name as "the Flying Dutchman". I went with my American pal Tom to Livingstone. We had been in a mall and got our bikes to head back. I jumped on my bike and started pedalling when Tom shouted "watch out!!!". But too late. I drove my bike into a grate (rooster), was catapulted over my bike and made a perfect looping. Fortunately I didn't have a scratch and my bike was undamaged. Had I been clipped in, I would have been in a "Bernd" situation. Bernd is a German rider who made a nasty fall, broke all of his front teeth, flew back to Germany, had his teeth fixed and rejoined the tour!

Just got back from the bunjee jump. Now preparing for 5 days of riding, followed by 1 rest day and then another 5 days of riding before we reach Windhoek.

3 Reacties

  1. Caren:
    13 april 2017
    Zo, dat zijn weer mooie verhalen. Jaloers!! Blijf heel en enjoy!
  2. Jan Stegink:
    14 april 2017
    Blijf schrijven. Leuk je verhalen te lezen. Succes.
  3. Edwin:
    14 april 2017
    Klinkt allemaal best lekker.....foto's houden we tegoed op de dia-avond in Spanje. Hou vol!