Kept my EFI !!!

26 april 2017 - Windhoek, Namibië

Last week was a tough stretch. It took us out of Botswana and into Namibia. So now we are supposed to be entering a region known for its dessert climate, right? But remember: this is Afrika. Mother Nature decided to drop whatever rain is falling in 3 years in just one single day. And spot on,on the day TDA is doing its longest ride: 208 km. I was lucky to hop on a "train" that was headed by one of our best riders. We had to fight a violent headwind, cold, pouring rain but basically we had no choice. It was either stay on the train or be on your own and nowhere to shelter. I finally arrived 5:30 pm at our destination (having started 6:30 am). Fortunately I still have my EFI (TDA abbreveation for Every Fucking Inch). Losing your EFI is almost similar to losing your virginity (so they say :-)

However this all sounds pretty dramatic, having arrived in Windhoek makes you forget all about these hardships. All is forgotten and what's new is the beautiful scenery of Namibia. In addition, Windhoek is a surprisingly modern city. We are having some great lunches and drinks at Joe's bar.

We will have a couple of restdays here and then its off to "the Dunes". Everybody has changes his/her tyres for some serious offroading! A new section will start. Four people have left and four new people will join. Lets see what the next section brings ....

2 Reacties

  1. Cis:
    27 april 2017
    Ge gao goed vlegel
  2. Edwin:
    29 april 2017
    Weer mooi om je belevenissen te lezen. Al weer zin in pindakaas?