Okavango highlight

19 april 2017 - Maun, Botswana

Let me start with what I consider to be one of the absolute highlights of this tour. Just came back from a plane safari into the Okavango delta. The delta is in an out of the ordinary condition because of the unusual plentiful watersupply from Angola. From the plane you can  spot many wildlife in an incredible green scenery. 

These kind of safari's can be booked from Maun, the capital of Botswana. It has been a tough stretch, cycling some 750 K's from Livingstone. A few stages had to be taken with some serious headwinds which didn't came easy to many riders including me. In addition I suffered a lot of flats on the so called Elephant highway. I must admit it's something different working on you bike while you can expect company from an elephant. 

So at times it's quite tough although I don't want to sound too dramatic. As my wife so elegantly expressed this morning that I was playing the dramatic card when I was telling about all my hardships. It will make her happy that I also get to learn a few things about myself during this trip. Sometimes we are on these very long stretches. Riders all have their different approaches to play their minds. One time I played a "game of chicken" with a donkey. The donkey was in my way giving me that typical look. As I approached him tension was building but I didn't give way. In the end the coward ran for its life. So what does this tell me? That I am more stuborn than a donkey. (Ok I know what some of you will argue :-)

So from tomorrow its a 5 days ride to Windhoek. We will also do the longest stage 208 K's!


5 Reacties

  1. Frank:
    19 april 2017
    Het klinkt allemaal spectaculair. Terwijl wij hier weer blij zijn dat de vogeltrek weer in ons land is, sta jij banden te plakken tussen de olifanten. Cool!
    Succes en veel plezier nog verder naar windhoek.
  2. Paul:
    19 april 2017
    Met een graad of 10C in de stromende regen de Amstel Gold Race rijden 'voor je plezier' staat in schril contrast met jouw tropische verrassingen.
    De banaan bij de drinkpost was het meest exotische wat ik me kan bedenken.
    Gaan met die banaan Wil!
  3. Caren:
    19 april 2017
    Hey Wil, weer een mooi verhaal. Ik hou het voorlopig nog maar even bij onze borstcrawl cursus. Kun je ook niet lek rijden en geen olifanten onderweg.
  4. Edwin:
    22 april 2017
    Dus bandenplakken kun je inmiddels achterstevoren......en jij koppig? Sinds wanneer is dat dan? Foto's houden we nog steeds tegoed als we in Spanje zijn. Succes komende etappes!!
  5. Maartje:
    23 april 2017
    Wat een ontzettend bijzondere ervaring zeg en wat een prestatie ook. Zet m op voor de volgende etappes!